A one day event around Basin or closely North. It has heavy fighting and fencing, with high level fighters coming from Canberra to Sydney.
Next Tournament by the Sea is in 2021 – around February.

Are you interested in Viking or anything mediaeval??? Come down to Tuross Head on the 29th of Feb and see what we get up to…

Your invited to join our feast, fight and frolic by the lakeside in the deep South of Adora (NSW beautiful South Coast).

Fighting and feasting at the waters edge with a little A&S* on the side.
Date; 29/02/2020
Commencing; 12noon for potluck* lunch then armour up for tournament heavy, rapier and A&S (no armour required For A&S).

And being lakeside there is a chance of swimming so bring mundane swimmers, togs, bathers or whatever you call them.
6pm for 6.30 feast, featuring delicious local faire.

There will be time to frock up for the feast and there are a few showers onsite.