UOW College of St. Malachy
Shire of Adora (Wollongong, Campbelltown, Nowra, and Batemans Bay)
Barony of Rowany (Sydney )
Lochac (The Australia and New Zealand SCA group)
Lochac Newcomers

*Newcomer SCA site (Hover over the pictures)
Rapier combat handbook
Armoured combat handbook
Guilds – If your hobby has a guild for it, you may find resources with the guild. Most guilds are also on Facebook.
Arts & Science

  Garb (Clothes)
Garb List Chron– Thanks to Aoife Inghean Chonchobhair for the great work.
Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction
T-Tunics – the Period Way
Basic Medieval Patterns
Historical Clothing from Archaeological Finds
Roman Clothing
Cynthia Virtue’s Costuming Ventures
Historical Needlework Resources – A great embroidery resource organised by area and date.

Brothel Games
Games and Sports in the Norse Era
Games of the Viking and Anglo-Saxon Age
The Game of Colf
History of Hurling
Foote Ball in Period
Rules of Ordinaire
Game of Senet
Shove Groat

Ursulan Songbook – Bethan of Brockwood
Rowany XL Songbook – Bethan of Brockwood
The Known Words – Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen/Fruitbat
The Lochac Songbook – A very old songbook published by Master Dafydd of the Glens

Medieval fight club (Don’t buy combat equipment until you have the marshal’s opinion on the item.)
Fencing equipment
Sparky forge (Rapiers in Australia)
SCA fencing equipment (Second hand)
Darkwood armoury (Check the blade directory to know which blades are SCA legal. They need at least 1 inch flex at 6 ounces)
Arcanum armoury (Australian High quality Rubber Band guns)
Pallace Gallery (Expensive fencing garb)
Heavy equipment:

Problems with buying online may include sizing errors, or for SCA, items not high enough quality to safely fight in. And a lot of handmade/custom made things might take a while due to company backlog. Some shops even have a reputation for not completing orders at all. Avoid these:
– Trinity arms
– Armour from Ukraine
– Probably Wish.com if it is important for combat.
And search places at the armour review page

Society for Creative Anachronism misc

Rowany (Sydney) Newcomer page
Reccomendations (Where to recommend awards to people,
Lochac (Australia) (some pages are changing and are currently blank.)
Membership – information about membership & how to join.
Membership Form – SCA requires public liability insurance, which for an individual is $45 per year or $10 per event.
Membership login

Academy of St Gabriel
German Occupational Bynames
mistholme – For finding pictures that work in the SCA
Registration and Other Information:
Lochac Roll of Arms – see all the registered arms and names of the populace of Lochac. Get ideas!
Lochac College of Heralds – go here to submit you name, badge and device, for advice on your submission and to track your submission.
Unofficial local herald’s training
Submission’s process
Tracking submitted names and badge

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