About Us


Also known also as the University of Wollongong Medieval Society, the people in the College of St Malachy attempt to research and recreate certain aspects of the Middle Ages (the food and drink, the material culture and the pleasanter social activities) all in the name of fun.

The SCA?

The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international organisation whose focus is researching and recreating aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The degree to which each member engages in research and recreation is entirely dependant on their own personal tastes and interests.

There’s a place for those who enjoy history and research, those that get a kick from “medieval fighting” and those that just love a good revel. There’s a place for Vikings, a spot for Crusaders and another for Celts, Persians and Renaissance Italians. Representations of any culture from Western Europe, or its influential neighbours and trading partners, before 1600 AD fits within the SCA.


SCA activities include dancing, calligraphy, fighting, cooking, metalwork, stained glass, costuming, literature, brewing, gardening, music … what ever you can imagine. If you find an area of period endeavour not being studied yet, you can always start and foster interest in others!


  • Fyshe is the name of our newsletter and an edition is normally created for O-week. Publications might appear more often if we have an enthusiastic Chronicler. Note: We are associated with the Shire of Adora and their newsletter, Vox Adora, is published with college information.
  • Pegasus is the official publication of the SCA in Australia, which is available with SCA membership and comes out monthly.
  • The Barony of Rowany‘s Newcomer’s Handbook gives a good introduction to the SCA.


The College postal address is c/o Clubs and Societies, PO Box U100, Wollongong University NSW 2522. We can also be contacted via the Seneschal.


The College of Saint Malachy began as a vague notion in the minds of Brendan Lloyd (who at the time was known as Lysander) and David Jacques (known as Diederic) at Rowany Festival AS XXXI (1997).

A few months after Festival, a four hour demo was held on-campus which drew approximately 30 members (and this on a relatively unpopulated day at Uni!). Kudos to Lord Tancred Enrico de Castrogiovanni and Baron Martin le Mechant for their enthusiasm and assistance on that day.

Our first feast was held on Friday 08th August 1997, at which we were presented a treaty of alliance from the College of St. Ursula. Our populace was also bequeathed with another treaty by our then fellow Agaricans at the Agaricus Wynter’s Ende Feast. Such honourable advances were discussed thoroughly by the College populace and, in the spirit of friendship and fun, we accepted both Shire of Agaricus and College of St Ursula as our allies.

The Shire of Adora (then known as Colles Ardorum) formed in 2004 and its boundaries encompass the University of Wollongong. Previously our college had been part of the Shire of Agaricus.

Changes in inter-college politics has seen the alliance with the College of St Ursula lapse. St Malachy formed an alliance with the College of St Aldhem prior to Rowany Festival AS XLV (2011).


Located in Wollongong NSW (Australia), St Malachy itself is confined to the institution of the University of Wollongong. College participants, however, come from all over. In addition to being part of the Shire of Adora, the college is also part of the Kingdom of Lochac which comprises Australia and New Zealand.


The Song of St Malachy was created as an entry to an arts and sciences competition at Flame Tree Ball 2005 where the flame tree was required to be included, and is sung to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”. The Song of St Malachy is copyright 2005 Padraic Lowther (Patrick Neumann) and is published with permission.

I do hail from, a mighty College,
Sited in a worthy Shire.
Well known for, our love of dancing,
Spun beneath our trees of fire.

A sable tower, on field of argent,
On chief vert wavy, a proper book.
And when in battle, we’ll take all comers,
Of our backs, you’ll never get a look.

Our foemen fear us, and with good reason,
A course of caution, we think it wise.
Our shields are strong, our arrows blunted,
And our knees are galvanised.

With filthy Scotsmen, and genteel dancers,
Worthy fighters, and bad monkeys,
And with our Allies, those of the Red Bear,
We’ll march on to more Victories.