Newcomers Feast 2011

The College of St Malachy will be holding their annual Newcomers feast on the 26th of March. You are all invited to join us for a day of feasting, fighting, dancing, drinking and fun with the chance to make new friends or meet up with old.

Date: Sat 26th March
Time: 6:00 pm (first remove served at 6:30 pm)
Place: Bulli Masonic Hall, (286 Princes Hwy, Bulli)
Cost: $15 member (college or sca) / $20 non-member

RSVP: 19th March to the event steward.

Garb making Workshop 11 am
Are you new to the medieval society and don’t know what to wear? Come to our garb making workshop and make yourself a fabulous new tunic or dress! Can’t sew? Don’t worry there will be sewing machines on hand and experienced people to help you out.

Tourney 2 pm
There will be a heavy fighter tournament for the combat inclined starting at 2 pm (Armour inspections to start at 1:30 pm). Come along, have a bash and show the newcomers one of the highlights of our society!

Getting there
Driving North – Travelling along the F6, take the Northern Distributor exit. Turn left at Bellambi lane, then right onto the Princes Hwy. The Masonic Hall will be on your left.

Driving South – Coming south along the Princes Hwy from Heathcote, continue along the Southern Freeway. Take the Bulli Pass exit, and continue along the Princes Hwy. The Masonic Hall will be on your right.

Train – The hall is a 5 minute walk from Bulli Train Station. Travelling south, exit the station, turn left and walk over the bridge, and turn left onto Railway Street. (Travelling north, exit the station onto Railway Street), turn right onto Station Street and then left onto the Princes Hwy. The hall will be on your right.